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Admissions open for MAKTAB
(Mon - Thur - 5:00 - 7:00 pm)
for Boys & Girls Aged 6-12

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One of the biggest concerns of every Muslim parent living in America is:

How can we protect the Iman and Islamic identity of our next generation?
Most parents feel that they have fulfilled their children’s Islamic educational obligation simply by having him/her complete the recitation of the Quran once. Unfortunately, this does not enable the child to learn the basics of Deen nor build their Islamic identity. The effects of such an education does not survive beyond the four walls of the masjid.

A recent study shows that over the past few decades, a large percentage (30%-40%) of our next generation of Muslims may already have been lost. This is due to the ill effects of the environment and not having access to any well-designed Maktab program. Alarmed by the gravity of this situation, we were motivated by the profound success of the maktab programs in other Western countries where the environment is similar to the US. Such programs were able to instill Islamic foundation and values in the next generation of Muslims in countries like the UK and South Africa. Over 90% of all Muslim children in such countries enthusiastically attend the Maktab program throughout their childhood years (from ages 5-18 years). Statistics in these countries have shown that those who study in the maktab program until their teenage years are also more successful and focused in school as compared to non-maktab students. For the major part, this is because participation in maktab keeps youngsters safe from destructive and detrimental habits and sins, e.g. excessive video gaming, addiction to social media, substance abuse, having illicit relationships, etc.

The Objective of the Structured Maktab:

To produce model Muslim-American citizens with piety and beautiful character. Structured maktab education empowers children to counter the ill effects of the outside environment. It equips them to present Islam in a practical manner to the world and keeps them firm on Islamic practices. They also learn how to beautifully respond to the misunderstandings and misconceptions about Islam.

The Structured Maktab Program:

The Maktab program teaches Muslim children the fundamentals of Islam in a healthy Islamic environment. The classes are held 4-5 times a week, 1-2 hours daily. The system is designed such that Muslim children stay attached to the Masjid environment all the way up to high school age. This program will protect their Islamic identities in the college environment where they will be bombarded with ideologies detrimental to their faith.

A structured maktab consists of:
  1. Trained and capable teachers who can relate and communicate well with the students
  2. Strong and proper administration which keeps the Maktab running efficiently
  3. Periodic assessments to maintain educational quality and monitor progress
  4. A comprehensive curriculum consisting of the following:
    • Recitation of the Quran with fluency and Tajweed Memorization of:
      • Important Surahs
      • Everyday Dua's
      • Hadith
    • Learning the Basics of Islam:
      • Aqidah: foundations of faith, refuting atheism, Islamic stance on liberalism and modernism, etc.
      • Fiqh: purity, prayers, inheritance, halal/haram, fasting, charity, hajj, funeral, Islamic calendar.
      • Akhlaq & Aadaab: manners and etiquettes with parents, neighbors, siblings, teachers, colleagues, classmates, business partners, interaction with other faith members, dealing with the opposite gender, community members, animals, etc.
      • Seerah and Tareekh: biography of our and the history of Islam صلی الله عليه وسلمProphet.
    • Implementation of Islamic Practices:
      • Taharah, Wudhu, Salah
      • Instilling Sunnah habits: eating, sleeping, bathroom, dressing, personal hygiene, etc.
      • Application of Du'aas in daily life
      • Moral & character development in practical life
      • Practice of daily Adhkar: morning, evening, and after salah
      • Practicing Khidmah: serving others: parents, siblings and all people in general

Textbooks and Workbooks:

The curriculums which are recommended are those which have been greatly successful in other countries such as the UK, Canada, South Africa and now used in various parts of the US. At Masjid Al Khaliq, currently we are using An-Nasihah book series.

Skills in Focus:


Pricing:(Suggested minimum)

The amount needed to purchase a cup of coffee is enough to cover the expenses of running a structured maktab for a child. This monthly donation will cover the cost of running an efficient and effective Maktab program.





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