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Inviting familes to join our Homeschool Co-op

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 What is a Homeschool co-op? 

A homeschool co-op, or cooperative, is a group in which every member family participates to provide a learning experience for the students. At co-op we count on all of our members to contribute their time, energy and talents by helping implement our programs, events and activities. The Co-op has a leadership team which oversees the vision implementation and offers help and support where needed.
We had to have a name, so we named ours, Ummati Homeschool co-op or just UMMATI.

 Where is UMMATI? 

UMMATI rents classroom and community space from different Masajid (Masjid Umar & Masjid Al Khaliq). We also have access to the various state parks in the vicinity. We use the E.L. Bing Park for outside learning, PE & Recreational activities.

 Who can join UMMATI? 

UMMATI is open to any family ready to invest in community education. We welcome diversity. UMMATI is a place where like-minded families come together to collectively homeschool their children. We aim to raise moral, responsible, well-educated children while building relationships with one another based on trust and shared Islamic values.

 What ages are supported? 

UMMATI welcomes children ages 5-18. Younger siblings are always welcome to come and play. We have found the mixing of ages often enhances the learning process for all. For more information click here

 What are the requirements to participate? 

To ensure a safe and successful co-op experience for everyone involved, we ask that participating families:

  1. volunteering for a minimum of 4 hours/week
  2. Have one guardian remain on campus during co-op hours
  3. Contribute tuition payments. Click for fee details
  4. Agree with the guidelines outlined in our Family Packet
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 I don’t feel comfortable teaching but can help in other ways? 

If you have skills or interests that you wish to share, please take a look at out offerings process . UMMATI enjoys any and all ideas for classes. However, if you need a bit more guidance, we can suggest our Enrichment Classes and you can choose one that suits your level of comfort.

 I have a baby and a grade-school kid. How am I supposed to teach classes with a baby? 

UMMATI has the Early Childhood Program just for parents like you. We will work with you to find a comfortable way forward. Maybe you only assist in classes, so that you can have a bit more flexibility? Or perhaps you’d love a break, and another parent can enjoy some baby time while you teach the students. In other words, we love to work with families to help them find a good groove with teaching and parenting in community.

 Okay, I’m in! Wait, how do we get in? 

Great! First, you’ll fill out the online questionnaire with some basic info on your kid(s) and guardian(s) attending UMMATI. Then the UMMATI Team will contact you to set up a brief interview by phone or video where we can also address any questions you may have. If everyone is in agreement, you’ll be sent a Family Packet and Registration and Deposit Form and you’ll be welcomed into the UMMATI community.

 I have a million questions. Who can I talk to for the nitty-gritty information before I commit? 

Feel free to contact us at or (813) 922-8684 where we can answer any questions by email or set up a phone or video call. We’re happy to chat about the little and big questions on your mind. You can also check out our FAQ's.

 How much is this going to put me back? 

As a family-based co-op, we strive to run a lean operation so that our families benefit from a great community education at a modest price. As of this year, we can run on a minimum tuition of $100 per kid, with income-based family fee (the more time you spend volunteering, the less your monthly family fees will be). If you have more to give, consider offering more. If you have less, talk to us, because it just might happen that someone offered more, and we want to work with you and your family. Click for fee details

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